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My poems

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It was Friday and me - stressed
My desires, my emotions
Whirling with me
My mind - messed.

Ideal to be my idol
Trapped in nets of perfection
The aim to be not your glory
Going the wrong direction

I realized this and my mind gained peace
Stress was gone and I could breathe
Monday's coming and my aim is
Serving to you, not my biz.

Christ has risen

Christ has risen
You all hear it
Death forever
Is defeated


To focus on the journey
Not distracted by pains
To hold on till the end
Though stabbing might be plan
In patience we are trained.


Business is business.
What should I say?
Trying to get you
We all are prey.

The highest care of business
Is the business itself
Money must be gained
Business must go well.

That your health is weakened
Or your time is robbed
Or your human nature
May simply be dropped.

Business does not care.

To find proper balance
What a tricky task
We should sometimes pause
And ourselves ask:

Is my life just business
Or I live for more
Are my values higher
Than chasing the score?