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My poems

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Was a FOOL

I was such a fool
wasn't at all cool
opposite of wise
deserved the fool's prize.

Tell me then

I ask myself:
How much more time?
But I do not wish
to commit the crime
of demanding love.
I do not wish to be greedy.
Please, when you think
the time is again for us ready
tell me then ...

Being sad is normal

Being sad is normal
Worse is to stay formal

Being weak is human
Wrong is to kill true man

Lying there in deepness
Showing our hardness.


Memories so sweet.
Friendship was so neat.
Why it turned this way
I don't dare to say

It is in God's hands.
Perhaps he this grants:
That we find new way.
For this I will pray.

My friend is there

My friend is there and I am here.
It may take time, there may be fear.
I am still sad and miss your smile,
your special features, your special style.

We did some mistakes, let's learn from them.
Let's search the good, let's search the gem.
I can't stop love you, it is too late.
Don't try to forget, don't close the gate.