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My poems

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By heart

To see with heart
To walk by faith
To have one's part
Though vast is space.

I will cease the pain

Show me your heart and I will cease the pain
Show me your dry lands and I will send you rain

Take me to your frozen worlds, I will give you heat
Take me to your starving livestock, I will make them eat

All your heavy stormy clouds I will disperse with a breeze
All your burdens I will lighten, I will bring you ease

Come to me and find here rest
Put your troubles on my chest.

Special Friend

You gave me a great friend
Whom I was reached by
Saved from my end
Brought to the sky

I struggled like a fish
But could not resist drawing
There was this higher wish
To surrender calling

I am glad You gave me John
Such an honor indeed
Someone I could rely on
When in struggle, in need.

Sometimes I was very bold
Or honest to the pain
Patience was his secret gold
Not given in vain

So, thank You for your special gift
Which I cherish to this day
He is there to give me a lift
On my crossings, on my way.