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Differing souls,
one common goal.
One common goal,
one common soul.

Ghost image

Having installed many tools
Time to save all, would be fools
Not to do it, keeping stuff
All could be gone in a puff.

Waiting for TTCN

Special Friday, special day
we have to wait, there's no way
we can't go home, we must stay
till the .org has final say.

Wise Christ

Christ came and was poor, but indeed He was not
He embraced all wisdom, spotted every plot
Pharisee had prepared, tried to find a blame
Their efforts were futile, on them be the shame.

Christ taught people wisely, what is right and wrong,
what pleases his Father, hope also this song
Nobody is wiser, no one has such glory
Am loved by the Father, no more need to worry.

Memory leaks

Code must not leak
Important quest
Though am not geek
I try my best


Christ had drunk the cups of ours
Had not been so would be sour
Our lives and all their tastes
Thank to Him now can be laced

New Year's kiss

Standing on the balcony
Waiting for the fireworks
You're with me my dear honey
Heaven in me it evokes

Turning to me with a smile
Holding your hand touching mine
Gentle kiss world stopped awhile
What follows is joyous shine.