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My poems

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The feeling

I stare at the ceiling
but sometimes - the feeling
of great awe

I have got new living
Life has now new meaning
I am drawn

To the Father fleeing
to love Him with whole being
highest law

Prayer of thankfulness

Father, thank you for keeping me strong
For giving me peace, will to carry on
For all the friends I am surrounded by
For wisdom to see what is truth and what lie

For continuous presence I can feel
For Holy Spirit by whom I was sealed
I pause and marvel at Your glory
countless wonders, countless stories

I pray and hope and long for all
to have Your peace, to hear Your call

Your love

Wanting to serve you,
wanting to share your love.
Wanting to point to the blue sky
and to the flying dove.

Your love is glorious,
your love never ceases.
With your spirit inside
you keep inner peace.

Your love shines so brightly,
I may not be a good mirror.
I pray that with time
the vision of you is much clearer.

Prayer to Father

Please have mercy,
give us rest,
draw us to home
to your nest.

Give us love and
give us joy,
all the bad in us

Make it happen
that on D-day
miracle comes
so I pray.