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My poems

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For Tomas

Up or down, you were there.
Always about me taking care.

Physics, the world, whatever.
I hope we stay forever,

sharing the thoughts, our views,
hoping always for good news,

Touching, feeling our lips,
gentle movements, kiss by kiss.

Looking forward to the kids,
preparing for what it needs,

making slowly our nest,
decorating to the best,

friendship, love and honesty,
watch the hills, so majestic,

Feel the ocean, see white dove,
feel my heart and feel my love.

Little Brave Heart

Little girl Malala
that of brave heart
dreamed of good world
where nothing is hard.

Her dream was to be a doctor
her dream was free land
but she is only a woman
and many things are banned.

She never stopped dreaming
and wrote anonymous blog
but sad day did come
her efforts were blocked.

Little girl Malala
now sleeping in soft bed
dreaming of better world
hoping it won't that bad.

Christmas poem

Christmas time is here
Feel the atmosphere.

Watch the snowy ground
Forget all your wounds

Arm yourself with love
Take and wear your glove

Play a game with friends
Hope it never ends