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My poems

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Having seen my sins
learning the hard way
I must stick much closer
to you I must pray

more often than I used to
more often I should pause
searching what is your will
and not mine because

you know what is needed
we are sometimes lost
then comes time to correct us
sometimes at high cost


How can we not love each other
How can we not see others' needs
How can we focus on us rather
Than help a heart that bleeds

Why is there strife and not peace
Where is the harmony, why is it gone
Why are there groups, where is the unity
Why don't we carry on

What Jesus started, what Jesus showed us
He emptied himself and became slave
Ruler of the world, yet being humble
Doesn't that leave you in awe?

Why to be proud, what to be proud of
If all we are is thanks to him
Let's serve each other, let's to be humble
Let's love each other, let's do Lord's dream

Even if

Even if kingdoms fall apart
Even if there is killing everywhere
Even if there is rise of wicked hearts
And greater sins to do they dare

The righteous will live by faith

Even if evil scares to death
Even if God appears mute
Even if we can hardly breath
And great is the struggle to keep the route

The righteous will live by faith

Even if times come to their ends
Even if earth starts to tear
The righteous will wait, the righteous will spend
Their final moments in final prayer.

No longer

Not anymore
Not any longer
Perhaps I am now