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My poems

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What a love

What a love it must have been
to leave your Father and begin
the journey full of suffering.

What a pain you have been through
being lonely, only you
only you...

He will gently heal you

Having walked through the valley of death,
witnessed my love caught in seizure too many times...
and now many times having this picture in front of my eyes

Just a small right move and it reappears
or the moment when he died
in front of my eyes

There is no, no other way to the healing.
Only love has such power.
Slowly, gently, careful touch by touch...

There is no other Healer,
only Love is such...

Two hearts

Once upon a time
There was great love
He loved her and she him too
Together they were on moon
One day came and stopped both hearts
To share one point in the space-time
One day will come and hearts will meet
And hearts will each other greet...