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My first post
2011 08 08

This is my first post and I want to check if everything runs smoothly.

2011 09 10

You've hit the ball out the park! Incredlibe!

2011 09 08


Life in Pakistan for a Christian
2011 08 08

I have a friend living in Pakistan and here is what he wrote about life there:

"Life in Pakistan is hard for a christian, from the time you are admitted in school to the time when you try to find a job. You are treated unfairly. I mean I got bullied in school, in college, even got fired from my job once for being a christian, and I think i had it better. Cuz I live in a big city. But the people who are in the countryside got it worse. There are places out there where you can't eat in a restaurant if you are a christian, they won't serve, even if you have the money. some areas don't allow Christians graves in graveyard. My family does some missionary work. Last year we went to a flood stricken area. The govt. was distributing aid, but only to the Muslims. I saw a christian home, there parents had probably got separated from their children. There were three kids, they had no roof on their head, and they were not given food for three days. they were almost unconscious when we found them. but guess what? the right next door Muslims were given a lot of help. There is a lot of injustice in countries like Pakistan. so yeah it is pretty ugly. but we do with we got. Most people in the western world do not know, or at least do not realize how intense it is - it is real bad here. Not all Muslims are bad, but most are, the majority is very discriminating. "

Mission to India
2011 08 22

My brother went 6.8.2011 on a mission in the missionary station in Manvi Taluk, distric Raichur, state Karnataka. The project tries to help children from poor families through residentional education.

Raichur belongs the the most undeveloped and uneducated district in the north Karnataka. Only around 25% of inhabitants has some education. The district misses water pipelines, traffic, electric energy and communication network.

So-called Dalits are the major part of all inhabitants. The term "Dalit" means "broken", "marginalized", "suffering". Dalits people are the lowest caste. The were always abased. The people from villages do not posses any holdings, are unemployed, in deep debts, victims of forced work, diseases and poor nutrition. Many children work as well. Their parents see no advantages in sending them to school. The only way how to change this societal evil is to help parents to build better houses and to send their children to school.

I am proud of my brother and looking forward to seeing him when he returns.

source: www.misiaindia.sk

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