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My thoughts

Truth is truth, it's out there, whether we know it or not.

When one is going through difficult times, he is prepared to think about difficult things.

Things need their proper timing.

If people fighted with pens rather than with weapons ...

Never ever push friends, but stand by them.

After the hurricane comes the peace again.

Problems are here to be solved, not to be avoided.

It is easy to accuse, hard to defend.

When a person I love tells me I do not love that person, I still love that person.

Then is teacher great when his student will surpass him.

Wisdoms are only to be learned and realized, not created.

Priviledges should be taken seriously.

Do not be dissapointed, be the wiser. (Rev. John Lesondak - my great friend)

Work done at 99% is not work done.

Without bricks one cannot build a house.

I do not intend to play bad theatre ...

What we do not know now, we will know later.

Life is the most important. The most. Of course, God is behind it.

Why is there something rather than nothing? Because God loves us.

God's love is not here to keep for ourselves.

Sometimes we have to experience the worst so that we can experience the most beautiful.